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Siteke  recognise that in order to be a successful and a forward thinking, conscientious business we must look after not only our clients’ needs but the needs of our staff and that of our environment.

Having obtained ISO 9001 certification many years ago, Siteke have focused on the benefits of having a structured continual improvement approach and apply the following:

Well defined and documented procedures improve the consistency of output.  

Quality is constantly measured

Procedures ensure corrective action is taken whenever defects occur.

Defect rates decrease

Defects are caught earlier and are corrected at a lower cost.

Defining procedures identifies current practices that are obsolete or inefficient.

Documented procedures are standardised making it easier for employees to follow.

The overriding driver is continual improvement in all areas and this has been further developed to include; health, safety and the environment.

Siteke  were successful in obtaining certification to both ISO 12001 in JUN 2013.

By introducing a standardised approach to risk management we have been able to apply the following:

Providing our company with assurance that we meet, and will continue to meet, our environmental/health and safety management system commitments and corporate policy requirements.

Showing our business partners, regulatory agencies, and community that we are environmentally and health and safety responsible.

Increasing profits through potential process improvements and energy conservation.

Reducing our environmental liability.

Verifying our systems for recognising and complying with environmental/health and safety laws and regulations.

Safety benefits – by reviewing the procedures for controlling significant operations, including a review of emergency preparedness and response procedures.

All of the above means Siteke recognises the need to manage any risks to our customers and employees and at the same time reducing our impacts on the environment, by maintaining these certifications we will be able to continue to do so.

Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy

The Managing Director – Has responsibility for the formulation and implementation of the policy, including the provision of adequate resources relevant to the context of the business. However, the task for complying, implementing and maintaining the policy, procedures, tasks and duties throughout the business may be delegated to appropriate Senior Managers, as documented in the Integrated Business Management System.

The Management are committed to:

Provision of high quality products and services that meet customers’ requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner and to maintain the position of a preferred Global supplier of High Pressure Equipment and Technology

Reasonably practicable evaluation and reduction of all risks, to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors and to protect the business, the environment and the community.

Use of processes, practices, materials and products which avoids or prevents pollution, the more efficient use of raw materials and energy, the minimisation of waste and the systematic consideration of the environment throughout the design stage and product life cycle including end of life.

Innovation in products, processes and services, utilising the strengths of all our employees.

Securing the co-operation, involvement and commitment of all employees in the achievement of the quality, health & safety and environmental policy objectives, and to encourage their understanding and contribution to the improvement programme.

Maintaining the appropriate levels of awareness of employees, contractors and visitors to enable them to take responsibility for their own and their colleagues' health and safety, and to carry out their responsibilities and duties in accordance with their training, policy and procedures.

The Managing Director –will ensure that key quality, environmental, health & safety and business objectives and targets are set that satisfy all applicable current regulations, directives and customer requirements and any additional requirements of other relevant organisations or authorities. This is with the aim of continually improving both the effectiveness of the integrated management system and the excellence of performance levels.

The policy, significant environmental aspects, objectives and targets will be evaluated at Management Review for continual suitability and effective improvements to the Integrated Management System, and this policy is communicated to employees and is available to the public or other interested parties upon request.

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