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What are the working principles and characteristics of the gas booster pumps

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The working principle and characteristics of the gas booster pumps

When the air booster pumps works, first fill the booster pumps with liquid, then start the centrifugal pump, the impeller rotates rapidly, the blades of the impeller drive the liquid to rotate, the liquid flows to the outer edge of the impeller by inertia, and the impeller sucks in from the suction chamber. Liquid, in this process, the liquid in the impeller flows around the blades, and the liquid acts a lift force on the blades during the flow movement, and in turn, the blades act on the liquid with a force equal to and opposite to the lift force. The liquid does work, so that the liquid gets energy and flows out of the impeller, at this time the kinetic energy and pressure energy of the liquid increase.

The driving air pressure range of the air booster pump is mainly in the range of 0.3-0.8MPa, and the maximum output flow is 1200NL/min. Users should pay attention to these two parameters when using the equipment, because they will have a significant impact on production. influences. Whether the product's use effect is good or not depends not only on its working principle and working method, but more importantly, it is necessary to further study and understand some information of the product.

Air booster pump features

1. Easy to adjust: within the pressure range of the pump, adjust the regulating valve to adjust the intake pressure, and the output hydraulic pressure is correspondingly infinitely adjusted.

2. Flexible application: different types of pumps can be selected to obtain different pressure areas.

3. Wide output range: all types of pumps only need a small air pressure to work smoothly. At this time, a small flow rate can be obtained, and different flow rates can be obtained after adjusting the air intake.

4. Wide range of use: The working medium can be hydraulic oil, water and most chemically corrosive liquids, with high reliability and long maintenance-free life.

5. High output pressure: the maximum pressure can reach 560Mpa.

6. Automatic pressure maintenance: No matter what the reason is, the pressure of the pressure maintaining circuit will drop, it will automatically start, supplement the leakage pressure, and keep the circuit pressure constant.

7. Cost-effective: The booster pump is a kind of plunger pump. When working, the Deco booster pump reciprocates rapidly. With the increase of the output pressure, the reciprocation of the pump slows down until it stops. At this time, the pressure of the pump is constant and the energy consumption is reduced. At the lowest point, the parts stop moving.

Applications Compressed air end.

8. Simple maintenance: Compared with other air-driven pumps, the Deco booster pump can complete the same work, but it has fewer parts and seals and is easy to maintain.

9. Safe operation: gas driven, no arc and spark, can be used in dangerous places.

The wide use of air booster pump makes it bubble in the water of natural gas boost pressure, safety valve setting, air pressure regulator detection, pressurized oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, air, methane and other gases, valves and wellhead devices Good results have been achieved in the field of testing and other fields of work.

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