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Acceptance of SITEKE Air Booster Pump for Workshop Air Boosting

Date:2022-06-14 16:50:10    Visits:

What is an air supercharger? Why do air booster pumps need to be used?

· In fact, there are many equipments that can be used for air supercharger, such as piston supercharger, diaphragm supercharger and screw supercharger, but because of the limitation of structure, they can only be used for high purity gas supercharger, which is difficult to achieve small size, light weight and flexible movement. At the same time, traditional superchargers use motors to provide power. Therefore, it can not be used in places without power supply and environment and equipment with high requirements for flammable, explosive and electromagnetic interference. Therefore, it is better to use the "pneumatic" air booster pump in the workshop.

· Pneumatic air supercharger pump is strongly recommended because of the advantages of pneumatic air supercharger itself. What advantages does pneumatic air supercharger have?

·  Firstly, it can enhance the local pressure boosting of the factory, and make up for the high demand of local pressure of a certain equipment in the factory.

·Secondly, the SITEKE air booster pump can be equipped with 20L gas storage tank. With the SITEKE air booster system, there is no need to purchase an additional air compressor. The air compressor is a larger and more expensive equipment than the air booster pump. The emergence of the air booster pump makes up for the shortcomings of the air compressor in many place.

· Thirdly, pneumatic air booster pump has unique advantages in local boosting.

· Fourth: Our company's air booster pump has independent intellectual property rights. It can double the pressure of ordinary air compressor. It can not only carry out air boosting, but also have different levels of application in physical foaming, air tightness testing, pressure testing and etc.



Finally: What are the advantages of the Air amliifier?

Advantages: SITEKE pneumatic air amplifier is designed by pneumatic method, compared with electric equipment, its advantages are particularly prominent. For example, it is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry.

Advantages 2: simple structure, easy maintenance; no overload and overheating phenomenon, maximum pressure, self-balance, stop working, pressure drop and timely replenishment; no spark, arc, can be fully used in any inflammable and explosive occasions.

Advantages 3: Simple maintenance, less air supercharger parts and seals, simpler maintenance, greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Therefore, everyone will like this kind of air source supercharger which can save energy and emission reduction as well as production cost for customer workshop.


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