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Warmly congratulate our company successful participation in the 4th China International Hydrogen Ene

Date:2022-04-24 13:56:10    Visits:

On May 18, 2019, the 4th China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell and Hydrogenation Station Equipment Exhibition and Industry Development Forum was successfully concluded at the China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion) in Beijing. SITEKE company, as a professional manufacturer of ultra-high pressure valve fittings in hydrogen energy field, was invited by the organizer to attend the exhibition as scheduled. A series of ultra-high pressure valve fittings products were displayed at the exhibition, which not only consolidated the existing cooperation relationship, but also excavated a large number of potential customers, laying a solid foundation for market development.

In this exhibition, Shenzhen Siteke Pneumatic Hydraulic Co.,Ltd demonstrated the products of ultra-high pressure valve fittings, and analyzed and explained the performance, advantages and some solutions to common problems of ultra-high pressure valve fittings for customers under different operating conditions.During the three-day exhibition (May 16-18), Siteke company attracted numerous exhibitors as a professional manufacturer of ultra-high pressure valve fittings in the field of hydrogen energy. Our staff always communicate with the exhibitors with enthusiasm and patience, and use professional technical knowledge to answer the questions of the exhibitors. The characteristics and advantages of the products are vividly demonstrated by the staff's explanations. Nearly half of the exhibitors showed great interest in our products after they had some contact with the products. Many customers made detailed inquiries on the spot and hoped to cooperate in depth through this opportunity.

After the end of this exhibition, while reaching cooperation or intentions with many customers, we also made new friends through this exhibition, learned about the latest market of ultra-high pressure valve fittings for hydrogen energy, broadened our horizons, and brought new opportunities for the future development of Siteke company.In addition, we have received calls from various regions, most of them from middle-class exhibitors in this exhibition. During the telephone negotiation, we established cooperative relations and established good trade relations.Overall, our company has achieved a great success in this exhibition.

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