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SITEKE Latest Research and Development of Seated Ultra-High Pressure Manual Needle Valve

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1. Overview

• Manual needle valve is the control part of pipeline fluid delivery system. It is used to change the channel section and medium flow direction. It has the functions of diversion, cut-off, regulation, throttling, check, diversion or overflow pressure relief.

• SITEKE nonstandard manual needle valve is a product designed by our professional design team according to the needs of customers. It can be used in hydraulic oil, water and most chemical corrosive liquids. The special structure and material of the product can meet the needs of users in various industries.

2. Product detail:

2-1Main Technical Parameters

1. Working pressure:30000psi

2. Connection form:Mechanical Seal

3. Orifice:-2565

4. Working medium:oil ,gas ,water

5. Valve body:316SS

6. Driven method:Manual

7. Usage method:adapt to indoor conditions

2-2Product application

SITEKE ultra-high pressure manual needle valve is mainly used in oil and gas wells surface and underground safety valve control, can be used in high-pressure pipeline pressure cut-off, pressure relief, throttling and a series of operations.

2-3Overall structure


2-4Product features

1. Safety and reliability: Operation under harsh conditions can also ensure maximum safety and reliability.

2. Special structure and corresponding seal are adopted to ensure that the valve will not leak under the working pressure, and the seal will not deform at the corresponding temperature, and the phenomenon of improper seal will not occur.

3. PTFE packing low friction ,long service life.

4. According to the ergonomically designed handle, convenient and comfortable to operate.

5. Reliability:All of our products are made by cold-worked Austin stainless steel 316 or more suitable material which can meet for specific requirements.

6. Traceability:All high pressure parts of needle valve comes with special signs and these parts can trace back to the raw material.

7. Wide range of applications:The working medium can be hydraulic ,oil ,water or most chemical corrosive liquid.

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