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Gas boosters can be used for various gas media

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Gas boosters can be used for various gas media;

applied to

1. Power of air clamp and roller clamp;

2. Cushion pad pressure;

3. Gas spring and high-pressure tire inflation;

4. Provide valve driving force;

5. Air pressure test of valve and pipe fittings, pressure vessel and aerospace accessories;

6. Bubbling test in water of wellhead device;

7. Automobile braking system test;

8. Communication cable inflatable equipment;

9. Nitrogen charging of aircraft tire hydraulic accumulator;

10. Gas-assisted injection molding with high-pressure nitrogen inflation;

11. Ultrapure gas gas compression (CO2 superimposed extraction);

12. Isostatic pressure and blasting test of pipes, valves and pressure vessels.

  The gas booster series is divided into one-stage and two-stage booster pumps, which can increase the gas from extremely low pressure to very high pressure. The driving air pressure is ≤1-10bar. Increase to 210Mpa. The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Oil-free seals are used in the air drive part of the pump.

In order to achieve the required pressure, the input air pressure of the gas input port of the gas intensifier requires a certain degree of pre-pressure, and the pre-increase pressure varies with the maximum pressure achieved. The maximum boost can be up to 210Mpa.

The gas booster adopts a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to realize the reciprocating motion of the pump, all of which are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All seals are high-quality products, and the maximum design driving air pressure is 10bar. In order to ensure the life of the pump, the recommended driving air pressure is 6-8bar. This series of pumps has a driving piston diameter of 160mm and is a single-acting pump, all single-acting pumps have exhaust cooling.

Gas booster pump AB series, GB series are gas booster pumps produced by Shenzhen Siteke Pneumatic Hydraulic Co., Ltd. which can increase gas from extremely low pressure to high pressure, drive air pressure 6-8bar, and gas input port The pressure range is 0.5-10bar, and the maximum can be increased to 210Mpa. Pneumatic booster pump can boost up to 2100bar and oxygen up to 350bar. Welcome friends from all over the world to call to buy products that suit your needs.

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