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The working principle of Air Driven Liquid Pumps

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STK high-efficiency air driven liquid pumps have a wide range of applications and can be filled with water, oil or chemical media. Gas actuation pressures range from 1-10 bar (14.5-145 psi). Its working principle is similar to that of a reciprocating cycle amplifier, the upper piston is controlled by a 4/2 pilot valve.

STK Air Driven Liquid Pumps use a structure in which a large gas piston is connected with a small diameter hydraulic plunger. Using the area ratio of the two pistons to generate the pressure ratio, the maximum output pressure can be calculated from the pressure ratio. High pressure ratios produce very high outlet pressures. The number in the model is the rated pressure ratio of this model. The technical parameters indicate the actual pressure ratio of the liquid pump. The outlet pressure can be set by a simple gas pressure reducing valve. Pressure ratio * gas driving pressure = output pressure

STK Air Driven Liquid Pumps are self-filling pumps and generally do not require an air line lubricator. When the driving piston runs up, the liquid is sucked into the pump, at this time the check valve at the inlet is opened and the check valve at the outlet is closed. When the piston runs downwards, a certain pressure is formed on the liquid side, which closes the check valve at the inlet and opens the check valve at the outlet.

STK Air Driven Liquid Pumps are capable of automatic cycling. When the outlet pressure rises, the pump will slow down and generate a certain resistance to the differential piston. When the force is balanced, the pump will automatically stop running. When the outlet pressure decreases or the gas drive pressure increases, the liquid pump will automatically start running. Pump performance is affected by many conditions, such as: frozen mufflers and pilot valves (affected by moisture in the air line), undersized gas lines, or contaminated filters. For flows not listed in the flow characteristics table, please consult STK. We provide technical support and service for all STK liquid pumps.

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