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How to choose a gas boosters ?

Date:2022-06-14 17:04:48    Visits:

We know more or less about the gas boosters, so what should we pay attention to when choosing air boosters and gas boosters?

1. What is the pressurized medium?

Pneumatic booster pump is divided into gas booster pump and gas-liquid booster pump. The working principle of the two pumps is the same, but there are differences in structure. The gas booster pump is suitable for the boosting of clean compressed air and high-purity gas, and the gas-liquid booster pump is suitable for liquids with less impurities and low viscosity such as water, hydraulic oil and kerosene.

Different media should choose different seals to suit.

2. Where is it used?

Pneumatic booster pump is suitable for high pressure, small flow occasions, suitable for scientific research, testing, testing and other occasions, not suitable for civil and large flow output occasions.



3. What is the flow rate?

Especially the pressurization of the gas, the gas is divided into the standard flow and the flow in the working state. Generally speaking, everyone is talking about the standard flow.

4. What is the inlet pressure of the pressurized medium?

The gas booster pump generally has no requirement for the inlet pressure of the liquid. Most of the gas booster pumps require a certain pre-pressure of the gas. The size of the pre-pressure will decide whether to use a single-stage gas booster pump or a two-stage gas booster pump first.

5. Is there compressed air on site?

The pneumatic booster pump is driven by compressed air. Compressed air is the key. The choice of different pumps will determine how much displacement compressors to choose.

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