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Air Driven Gas Booster of GBD Series

Maximum output pressure: 26.56MPa;Boost ratio: 1:32;Boost media: gas;Driving medium: compressed air;The pressure range of the drive intake is 0.1-0.83MPa (for the sake of product service life, it is recommended that the drive intake pressure be <0.7MPa);Maximum air consumption based on 0.7MPa driving air pressure: 1m ³/ Min;Input pressure 2MPa: flow rate is 165NL/min;Media inlet and outlet interface size: NPT1/4".

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Product Parameter

Air Driven Gas Booster of GBD Series
Pa=driving pressure      Pi=input pressure      Po=output pressure
ModelRatioDrive size( mm)Min gas inletPi (bar)Max gas outletPo (bar)Gas outlet formulaPo=INOUTMax Flow  standard(NL/Min)
Based on the driving air pressure is 1.0m³ when the air pressure is 7Bar.  

@ represents a condition: for example:100@Pi=7, it represents the flow rate is 100NL/min when the input pressure is 7Bar

GBD series gas booster pump is a single-drive double-acting single-stage gas booster pump with compressed air. It has the advantages of high safety, high intake pressure, large output flow, no energy consumption for maintaining pressure, and some products are equipped with gas rapid cooling device.


1. The gas drive ensures that the medium does not generate heat, sparks and flames during the transmission process, and the pressurization is safe;
2. The driving gas does not need lubrication and is completely separated from the pressurized medium to ensure that the medium is clean;
3. The output pressure can reach up to 830bar;
4. Suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and other media.
5. The product is reliable, easy to maintain, sturdy, has a long sealing life, and can be started and stopped continuously

Main features

1. GBD series is based on static pressure, when the driving air pressure is 7bar, the air consumption is 1.0m3/min;
2. The driving pressure is 1bar-8.3bar (14.5-120.35psi), and the GBD series is a single driving piston (Φ160mm);
3. The temperature of the medium is not higher than 115°C (240°F), and the extremely low temperature should be specified when ordering;
4. High-voltage end materials can be customized 17-4PH, 15-5PH, 440C, nickel-based alloy, Hastelloy and other materials to meet the requirements of special media;

Description of special products

About medium: GBD series can be applied to a variety of media, order code such as: GBD30-CO₂ (series code + boost ratio + boost medium)
About the interface:
 If you need special media interface, please specify when ordering.

Application scenarios

1. GBD series gas booster pump is suitable for occasions with high gas source pressure, high pressure output and large flow rate.
2. Air tightness test of various pressure components;
3. Filling of special gas;
4. Filling of diving breathing oxygen cylinders;
5. High pressure nitrogen foaming of coaxial cable;
6. Calibration of high pressure and large diameter safety valve;
7. Filling the reaction medium into the reaction device;

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